Glamour Day Sample

Glamour Day Sample

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« Discreet at first glance but develops character upon approach. Embodying positive energy, feeling the glamour of the day with subtlety »

With GLAMOUR DAY let's take you to the workshop, where the scents of fabrics and cotton used as a base for the canvases made to the measurements of the customers and clients lingers in the air.
Inspired by the world of couture, the new Hayari perfume takes you behind the scenes of its haute couture shows & making of its collection. With each note, you will experience the atmosphere of the hushed world of couture, from expensive silk to the coldness of the metallic needles.
All in subtlety, these assembled notes are the evocations of refinement and glamour of outfits that you will put in light to the beauty of the day. 


  • Top Notes: Citrus, Bergamot, Accord Air Frais, Bitter Almond
  • Heart Notes: Iris, Rose, Jasmin sambac, Accord Fer à Repasser
  • Base Notes: White musk, Minerals, Patchouli

    2 ML