Evening Signature Sample

Evening Signature Sample

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«  Discover your unique radiance, combining intimacy & beauty.  »

The evening version of Glamour Day follows the same pattern as the daytime counterpart, while surprising all the way with the integration of musky and more powdery fabric scents to evoke the refinement of night-time couture. 
Transporting you back to the Parisian atelier,  which is now surrounded by colorful & structured outfits that will be your evening pick.
There are some of the rarest and sumptuous pleasures offered by the freedom of creation using absolute wheat as a raw material to mimic the evening scene. 

The sparkling top notes are just like the day version, the sweet scent of geranium in the heart note in and the more oriental base note with amber and honey for a stronger opulence, and tobacco brings a certain elegance. The infusion of Tonka Bean from Venezuela gives off almond notes in the bottle, bringing the character to the composition. The notes of myrrh from Somalia, a symbol of life, intoxicated by its bewitching sensuality and majesty.


  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Elemi, Freesia
  • HEART NOTES: Blé Abs, Accord Céréale, Rose, Géranium
  • BASE NOTES: Tobacco, Mousse, Tonka beans, Myrrh Abs

    2 ML