Hayari Paris, with designer Nabil Hayari and CEO Hugues Alard join the HOST, KABC Talk Radio


"Hayari Paris, with designer Nabil Hayari and CEO Hugues Alard join the HOST,  Pikke Allen  at the Paris Cafe on the KABC TALK RADIO 790 for the Sunday Radio Show, and Podcast
  "THE PARIS ADVENTURESS"  to talk about Awards Season in Hollywood, their latest creations plus their favorite places to visit in the Paris "Golden Triangle" 
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Beginning of the interview

"Welcome to the café". 
Pikke Allen: I’m today welcoming fashion, designer Nabil Hayari  and CEO, Hugues Alard,  of Hayari Couture to the studio today. Nabil Hayari is the creator of super Luxe couture, wedding dresses  and perfumes, accessories, inspired by the luxury and art of Paris. Their design studio is in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. They also have a shop in the 6th and before we begin the interview, they join me actually and we had a nice chat about what’s happening in Paris.
I just have a few reminders for everybody first of all,  you can find details of all our shows theparisadventuress.com . If you have some questions for me,  it’s Paris adventurous kabc@gmail.com and I’m also on Instagram at Pariadventuress so you can have your idea ,you can just go around and you will find all of our social channels and we love to hear from you,
Thank you to everyone who has sent me some questions, so Before we leave in a moment, I’m gonna welcome the guys and we’re going to chat fashion, weddings, the 8th Arrondissement and these mall and we’re gonna have from them a little bit about their creative process as well.  So first of all I want to also mention that I have some wonderful sponsors and here they are so I want you all to go there and check them out when you’re thinking of traveling to Paris the Plum guide for an extraordinary home or apartment small luxury hotels of the world for independently, minded, travelers, and hotels Which is now owned by the Michelin guide and I have to tell you that when I was a kid and traveling all over Europe in Paris.
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What you have to know about the 8th arrondissement of Paris

And now I want to just mention a few things about the 8th arrondissement of Paris,  here is our list like our shopping list, for the 8th arrondissement in Paris and in any important order we have the Avenue des Champs Elysées, the Petit Palais and the Grand Palais, the palace of Tokyo, and more. 
I want now to welcome Nabil "hello" And I want to also welcome Hugues.
Hugues Alard: bonjour and thanks KABC to invite us to talk about life and stylish life, elegant life, things to do and all about Paris
Pikke Allen: all the things I know from having visited you there is that there’s many kinds of Paris neighborhoods and they’re all a little bit different so I thought maybe you could describe to me and to the audience some of the places that you either like to go or I mean, I know you have a shop on the 6th arrondissement of Paris and we love the LeftBank here at the Paris adventuress, so maybe tell us a little about it. 
Nabil Hayari: of course, the 8th is small ans it’s different to the other arrondissemnt: luxury start with Avenue Montaigne. You know all the luxury stores are there ....
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