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Presentation of Nabil Hayari


I am today welcoming a fashion designer from Paris, Nabil Hayari, and the CEO of Hayari Couture Hugues Alard to the studio today. Nabil Hayari is the creator of super luxurious couture wedding dresses, perfumes, and accessories inspired by the luxury and art of Paris. Their design studio is in the eighth arrondissement. They also have a shop in the sixth arrondissement. Before they join me for a chat about what's happening in Paris, I have a few reminders. Firstly, you can find details of all our shows on parisadventurous.com. For travel questions, contact me at Paris adventurous kabc@gmail.com. You can also connect with me on Instagram at Paris adventurous. We value your feedback and appreciate all the questions sent to us.

Sponsors of Paris Adventurous 

Before we depart, I will welcome the guests to discuss fashion, weddings, and accessories such as perfumes, leather bags and more. I would like to acknowledge our wonderful sponsors, including the Plum Guide for extraordinary accommodation, Small Luxury Hotels of the World for independent travelers, and Tablet Hotels, now owned by the Michele guide. As a child traveling across Europe and in Paris, the Michelin guide was always a trusted resource. Now, let's explore the shopping opportunities at the eighth and mall, featuring Boulevard Jose and Petite Pallet. The mall offers a mix of luxury and bohemian vibes, contrasting with traditional areas.

Discover Eight Arrondissement of Paris

I would like to mention a few highlights of the eighth Arrondissement. Our shopping list includes Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Petite Palais and Palais de Tokyo. Without further ado, I welcome Nabil and Hugues to discuss elegant lifestyles and activities. Different Paris neighborhoods offer unique experiences, and the Left Bank holds a special place in our hearts at the Paris Adventure. Share with us the story of your shop on the sixth arrrondissement and how it came to be a welcoming space for visitors. The eighth, known for its luxury and starting with Avenue Montaigne, presents a bohemian vibe distinct from traditional areas.

La Païva in the 8th Arrondissement

Inteview by Pikke Allen KABC Radio