Haute Perfumerie & What Is It?

Some call it niche perfumery,  artistic or artisanal perfumery or Haute-Parfumerie, but what exactly these terms refer to? Do they all represent and define the same meaning in the versatile world of perfumes? The answer is a bit more complex and goes beyond a simple yes or no.
The term haute-perfumerie today represents and includes the most exclusive collection of perfumes by world renowned houses. Haute perfumerie has become the haute couture of the fragrance industry, where the fragrances launched with the tag represents ultra luxury both in quality & experience to the customer.

We have seen the most famous houses come up with exclusive collections Haute perfumery are very specific fragrances , each of which has particularly marked traces. The formulas are made from the rarest and most noble materials for an unprecedented result. Everything about a haute perfume is detailed and exquisite, right from the raw materials to the design of the bottle.

With more than a decade of making perfume, Hayari Paris has long created haute perfumes that represents, the crème de la crème of perfumes within the industry. The house has collaborated with the most sought-after noses in the world and created perfumes made of most treasured ingredients cross the world. 

Not only the ingredients but the packaging too represents the craftsmanship and luxury.
Look at the fragrances of the Modern Rose Collection by Hayari Paris, the bottles are designed by the and made of 'ceramic', with a heavy metal cap. The bottles has a weight to it & feels elegant & luxurious.

The packaging and representation plays an important role in the overall experience of the perfume, and is almost as exquisite and detailed ad the perfume itself. 

Why Haute Perfumerie are so expensive you might ask, and the  answer is simple. Just like haute couture, it takes a lot of time and expertise of the master perfumer to create that scent that has never been created by any other company and is truly exclusive to the brand itself. 
The materials used too are rare and very noble, which makes up for the high price. 

If you are a perfume fanatic and admirer of luxury nothing would give you more pleasure than owning a bottle of a haute perfume, knowing well how rare it is.

To dive the world of Haute Perfumerie here is our top 3 recommendations to try today

Only For Her

The delicate white flowers magnolia & peony is presented in this oriental floral fragrance with a sparkling bittersweet mix of grapefruit that is bright yet feminine to wear.

Buy it for 156€ for 100 ml

New Oud

Truly unique & first ever in the word of perfumery, New Oud by perfumer Cécile Zarokian has a blend of oud & tuberose, something that has not ever been done before. The warm and woody oud is balanced perfectly by green & white accord of tuberose, giving it a rich scent.

Buy it for 176€ for 100 ml

Only For Him

The woody oriental fragrance, matches its counterpart Only For Her perfectly. Created as the first men's perfume by Hayari Paris, Only For Him has guaiac wood and lily of the valley, which you need to sniff to get the full olfactory story.

Buy it for 156€ for 100 ml

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