Cour Du Commerce Saint André 

The arched-entrance, narrow lanes, cobbled street, a reminder of Paris before the city was set up for ''modernization' by Emperor Napoleon III. Hidden in the passage of 130 Boulevard Saint-Germain in 6th arrondissement, Cour du Commerce Saint André is history in all it's glory.  Either you are vising the famous Le Procope or just having a walk in the narrow lanes, you will  notice the place has it's old charm and is still as famous among the locals and tourists alike as it was in the 18th century.

A Gateway To History

Sure the nostalgia of old Paris is something that still makes Cour du Commerce Saint André, a hard to miss spot in the city. But there is more that it holds. From being a witness to gatherings of intellectual elite at Le Procope and other nearby cafes, to part of revolution Cour du Commerce Saint André opened its gate to some of the greatest figures in French history.  


The oldest café in Paris, Le Procope opened in 1686 in the heart of Cour du Commerce Saint André. The cafe has been a favorite meeting spot for artists, philosophers and revolutionaries. From Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Montesquieu to Sartre and Hemingway, Le Procope has served as a thinkers pod for all the history figures. The café has been one of the landmark in the history of French revolution with opening its gates to all beyond the boundaries of social and economical class.

Just near the Hayari Paris boutique, Le Procope still as popular among the locals and tourists as it was centuries ago. Either you just go to enjoy a cup of coffee outside the cafe or sit inside to see the lovely 18th century décor, Le Precope will give you the glimpse of the rich history of Cour du Commerce Saint André.

la jacobine

When visiting the Hayari Paris boutique,  you will come across this small salon de the and restaurant that boosts of traditional French food tracing back to more simpler times. Though tucked away in the corner of the glass roof passageway, La Jacobine is hard to miss due to diners waiting outside the restaurant and the vintage and cozy décor that fits perfectly with the rest of the location.

Engrossed in history, Cour du Commerce-Saint-André is a must visit on your next Paris trip. Along this street, you will find vintage boutiques and lively cafes that have beautifully mingled with the past.


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